“A Buddha is one who, by becoming enlightened to the one truth, acquires eternally indestructible peace and happiness.”

Buddhism is often associated with the idea of eliminating suffering through the practice of asceticisms and meditation to eliminate worldly attachments and suffering.   It is true that Buddhism has always addressed how humanity deals with and over comes suffering, but according to the Lotus Sutra, it is through meditating to attain happiness in this lifetime for ourselves and others we tap into our inherent Buddha nature and attain eternal happiness as opposed to a focus on eliminating suffering.

Buddhism teaches that all people have the inherent potential to achieve Buddhahood in this lifetime which is a life condition of eternal happiness.  At the same time, it does not suggest that suffering can be eliminated, but that it is a fact of life.  This may seem paradoxical until you have experienced an underlying sense of happiness in the midst of heartbreak, sorrow or a sense of loss.  When we raise our life condition by tapping into our inherent Buddhahood through meditation, we achieve a state of self-awareness and contentment within our lives independent of any suffering.  Buddhism further views suffering as essential to achieving enlightenment in this life time.  But when practicing Buddhism the primary focus of our meditation is achieving happiness for ourselves and others, not eliminating our suffering.

No matter what your current life condition you can tap into your Buddhahood immediately and begin building a path toward indestructible happiness in this lifetime.  It does not require years of practice.  Years of practice builds a wealth of positive karma, experience and faith, but it is not a required right of passage to tap into your inherent Buddha nature. People who just begin Buddhist meditation typically experience pleasant unexpected changes in their lives rather quickly.  They breakthrough some suffering or they achieve a highly desired goal.  The effort put into to meditation creates a positive cause in their life the is immediately reflected in their environment.

Buddhahood is only found within ourselves and our environment is a reflection of our life condition.  When we raise our life condition our environment will change without fail.  When we meditate with sincerity and determination to achieve happiness we will break through our sufferings, recognize them for what they are, and not let them become an obstacle to happiness.






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