When most people think of Buddhism they think of the middle way, avoiding conflict and general pacifist behavior.  However, Buddhism is grounded in the everyday realities of life.  It is a life philosophy based on universal truths that we refer to as the Universal Law.  Just as gravity is a law of physics that describes one small aspect of of the universe, Buddhist philosophy teaches us about laws of the universe that apply to the behavior of and interaction between human beings.

So what do Buddhist teachings have to do with absolute victory?  The founder of Nichiren Buddhism wrote, “Buddhism primarily concerns itself with victory or defeat.”   This was not meant within the context of competing against others but rather our own experience in life, overcoming our self-imposed limitations every day.   Each day we face challenges.  They could be challenges we choose or they could be problems that arise from what seems like out of no where.  Even beyond clearly recognizable challenges and problems, everything we do ends with success or failure.  Another way of looking at it is that we are either moving forward in our lives or we are going backwards.  There is no standing still.  Buddhism is all about raising our life condition, tapping into our inner wisdom to see the universal truth and to be victorious over our weaknesses and keeping moving forward.   So Buddhism really is about victory and defeat.

From a Buddhist perspective, how do we achieve victory in our lives?   We chant daily to purify ourselves and our perceptions of the world around us.  We chant to tap into our Buddha wisdom that we and everyone has within them.   We chant to help others become happy.  We chant for others to realize their Buddhahood.  We chant for our family’s health and happiness.  We chant about living life to the fullest with no regrets.   We chant for absolute victory. We chant to have the courage to take action from a place of wisdom, not from a place of unchecked emotion.

But success and failure on any given day or with any given challenge does not define us.  Victory and happiness in life is what Buddhism is all about.  It is about accepting responsibility for your own happiness no matter what the situation or environment around you.  It is about victory over our self imposed limitations and bringing out our buddhahood and the buddhahood of the people around us. That is victory in life and that is Buddhism.








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