Buddhism is the art of living life to the fullest and attaining your personal highest potential.  Maintaining a seeking spirit is not only key to living up to your fullest potential but is also the fountain of youth.  How can that be?   When we have a seeking spirit we are constantly searching for personal growth, knowledge and wisdom.   As our bodies age and begin to show the wear of time, our minds become the source of youthfulness.    As long as we continue to search for growth opportunity when can be seventy or eighty years old and still be youthful in spirit.

In Buddhism we chant Nam-Myoho-renge-kyo morning and evening to summon our youthful spirit and our highest life condition.  We do this to help us tap into our Buddha wisdom and live life to the fullest.  That means that we do not shy away from challenging circumstances but engage them with enthusiasm.  We understand that the little things each day add up with a multiplier affect that have greater impacts that our limited mind can conceive.

While in our youth we take time for granted.  We have lots of time and lots of life to live.  As we get older we start to appreciate how short of time we have to live.  Some people may feel satisfied with what they have accomplished and retire.  Others may start taking college classes at age 50, 60 or even 70.  They maintain a youthful spirit.  They continue to reach out to help people become happy anyway that they can. The keep trying to learn more about life and how to live expertly and to their fullest potential.

Buddhism is about learning to be who you are to fullest and to help people become happy.  It is about maintaining a seeking spirit to tap into our fullest potential.


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