I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for thirty years and have decided that it is time to share my seeking spirit with those who have similar interests.

I need to acknowledge a few of things regarding all content in my blogs. First of all the process of writing this blog is part of my seeking nature and does not suggest that I have mastered the concepts. In fact, I do not know that we ever master all the concepts because enlightenment is a never ending daily process and is not an end state, which many people think it is. For example, over time our understanding of a concept like Earthly Desires Equal Enlightenment evolves. Our current life condition, life state, has a direct impact on how we interpret it. So I never feel that I have “now mastered” a particular Nichiren Buddhist teaching but rather I am continuing to learn. Second, before I write one of these blogs I prepare by studying various material on Nichiren Buddhism. In many cases I study books written by Daisaku Ikea and other times I study material written by other Nichiren Buddhists. So what I write is my current perception or understanding of the concepts, which again, is always evolving. Third, the blogs are intended to stimulate thought and reflection and ideally encourage a spirit to keep seeking a better understanding and not to simply accept what I have written.